Saturday, 9 April 2011

09/04/11 - Marvel Hill & Do You Believe.

The Cardigans - Gran Turismo.
The sun has finally made an appearance and i like nothing more than to be out in it listening to female vocals and chilled bands.
Marvel Hill and Do You Believe are 2 tracks that i have been listening to non stop today and i cannot/will not settle for just one of them. Especially as they have gotten me through the awful weekend food shop, and the inescapable power walk home with the said goods - in the sun!
People might possibly be familiar with The Cardigans tracks Lovefool (1996) or My Favourite Game (also from Gran Turismo 1998),
as they have been featured in movies such as Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet and numerous car adverts. I remember listening to them whilst in my mums Nissan Prairie.
CD car stereos didn't exist then and i can recall learning the tracks off by heart in the passenger seat on my portable CD player, holding it in mid air trying to stop the tracks jumping or skipping whilst my mum drove on uneven roads. That was dedication for a 7 year old!
If you haven't heard these tracks already, enjoy! They aren't the go to/most popular tracks from the album but i love them.
The Cardigans + Sunshine = Win!

For some reason the videos won't work, i will put the links to the videos on youtube here instead, and i have found an album sampler video (which works!) for you to check out.
Sorry for the fail.

Marvel Hill -

Do You Believe -

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