Wednesday, 14 March 2012

14/03/12 - For Oly/Vir...

Urban stars for my space nerd.

I couldn't sleep so i decided to pick up the camera and experiment. This was the result.

The shutter is so loud for a digital camera!

14/03/12 - Oblivion...

By Grimes.
Fringe, Dirt Bikes, Hoods, Pastels, Dumbbells and half naked sweaty men!
Damn this video. I have been listening to this non stop since i got here and the fact that it has a really cool video does not help my procrastination!
What a great idea though.

I'll leave you with this...

14/03/12 - Colour Trip Pt.2...

After i landed in Cluj it was time to drive up to Felix. I took a ton of photos but I have only posted one up until now. These are a few more favourites of mine.

14/03/12 - Pardon.

I haven't posted in quite a while as i am still in Romania working hard. I have a lot to post so i shall start of by posting this Gif of me and my brother. It's so good to get to spend time with him.

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