Thursday, 31 March 2011

31/03/11 - Metabolism

The Strokes - Angles.
Ok, so i am incredibly rubbish at sticking to my commitment of posting one track a day, even though it sounds pretty easy. I was reminded yesterday that i even had this blog, and due to peer pressure and the nagging from my friends i am going to start it up again.
I have been falling behind with it as i am currently in my last year at uni, the deadlines are rushing in, and the end is very very near! So whilst trying to stay on top of everything else this has sunk to the bottom -but for no longer!

My track of the day is of course from The Strokes! The album Angles is everywhere at the moment, everybody seems to be loving it, and after waiting for it for a lengthy 5 years i would say it has been more then worth it! Machu Picchu, You're So Right and Taken For a Fool all do it for me, they are brilliant and i have been obsessively listening to the tracks wherever i go. (Thank God for the invention of Ipods) The winner for me though has to be Metabolism, i j'adore it, love it, want it! It is the Juicebox of Angles. It helps me complete mundane domestic chores. I have even enjoyed listening to this album pumping from some randoms headphones whilst on the tube and not complained!
So for those of you crazy people that have yet to laid ears upon this album here is Metabolism, and yes Pete i dedicate this to you.

P.s. I hope i have managed to write the album name Angles consistently and not written Angels anywhere...

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