Saturday, 12 February 2011

12/02/11 - Untitled...

Fever Ray -
O.K. So today's track of the day is a tricky one! I heard it originally whilst watching the trailer for the new Red Riding Hood movie - which comes out next month. My attention peaked at 44 seconds when there are female vocals that sound slightly like Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeah's. According to geeks on the net, it is actually the artist Fever Ray, (who is in The Knife) but it is difficult to confirm as the song hasn't been released yet.
Take a listen, hopefully it will leak soon!

P.s. Can i just say that this movie looks just like Twilight and guess who directed it. Yep you got it, Catherine Hardwicke! Also what is up with the male leads Pattinson-esque hair, really?! Would they have even had the means to have created that look in the time the movie is set. Grr.

Moan over.

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